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Nieuwtjes 2010

New System S316


New System

Solid Carbide Blades for Grooving and Parting Off on Swiss Lathes


Solid Carbide Blades for Grooving and Parting Off on Swiss Lathes Profil „Standard“.20 and Profil „Mode A“.A0

New Geometries .FY


New Geometries .FY for machining of stainless materials with insert typs S100, S224, S229, S316

Machining of Oilfield Tubes and couplings


Threading. internal and external Chamfering, Preturning, Parting off for Machining of Oilfield Tubes and couplings

Tooling Systems for the Aluminum Wheel Industry


HORN already developed individual special tooling solutions for the aluminum wheel industry in the past. Since this year

Tools for Medical Technology


Thread Whirling

Groove Milling by circular interpolation System DC


Groove Milling by circular interpolation:

HORN Cassette System 840 for Standard Interchangeable GWS Toolholder


HORN Cassette System 840 for Standard Interchangeable GWS Toolholder

Groove milling with System 275


Die neuen, zweischneidigen Wendeschneidplatten Typ 275 erweitern das bisherige 3-schneidige Standardprogramm der Zirkularfräser und bieten neue Einsatzmöglichkeiten beim Nuten, Profilieren und Planfräsen.



Width of cut 3 mm = Ø 80 - 160 mm

μm adjustable Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder for System DR


Holders of the System DR from bore diameter 35.6 mm are equipped with an integral adjusting mechanism. We

Broaching on CNC maschines


Broaching tools type SB105/SB110 and SH117. For direct mounting in the machine as well as mounting in a live broaching attachement from the companies: BENZ, EWS and SCHWARZER

Neuheiten 2009

High-Performance reaming tools HORN-System DR


High-Performance reaming tools HORN-System DR Ø 12 - 100 mm. Bore superfinishing of Steel, cast materials, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

High Feed Milling - The Generation of Milling Tools System DA


Rough milling with high feed rates at low cutting depths. Indexable inserts designed especially for this application ensure good distribution of the cutting forces. The tool has a high wear resistance overall. The new milling cutter series is presently available in cutting edge diameters of 20, 25, 32 and 40 mm.

Round shanks and adjustable cartridges System HORN and System GRAF


Your advantage: toolholders are interchangeable. Therefore you can use your tools more effective and increase the working diversity on

MINI-Inserts with sintered geometry for Grooving and Boring from bores


MINI-inserts with sintered geometry for Grooving and Boring from bores Typ S108 / S10P / S111 / S11P / S114 / S116

MINI Toolholder Type B18P


MINI toolholders for inserts with chip forming geometry "D"



Special System for parting off tubes.

Geometry HR for inserts Type S229


Circular part-off tools for multispindle screw machines and high production lathes with integrated coolant supply


Das Graf-Abstech-Werkzeug mit speziell konstruierter inneren Kühlmittelzufuhr direkt auf die Schneide in Verbindung mit unserer S100 Platte ist eine Alternative zu den bewährten Abstech-Schwertern. Das gesamte Werkzeugsystem ist sehr stabi. Die direkte innere Kühlmittelzufuhr garantiert eine sehr gute Oberflächengüte am jeweiligen Werkstück, höhere Standzeit der Schneide, höhere Vorschübe und höhere Schnittgeschwindigkeiten.

High performance thread milling by circular interpolation


High performance thread milling by circular interpolation - now available with 6 cutting edges for metric and Whitworth threads

Thread Whirling with cutter type M302 on long lathes


The new thread whirling heads impress with a compact design, even if the space in lathes enables an easy installation. The modular concept facilitates the fitting of the heads of the respective machine recordings and the interfaces in the vortex units.

Shine with diamond turning tools, type 105 and 117


Horn has diamond tipped cutters (MCD) and specific clips based on the S117 and 105 systems for turning shine develops. When using these tools on special lathes are processed on the surface - even at high magnification - no scratches visible. The roughness Rz is less than 0.1 microns.